Wine & Soul is a blog for people seeking wine and wisdom, conversation and community. Every wine has a story; they are stories of terrior, craft, tradition, nature, innovation, relationships, and ritual. Every wine has a soul.

Every person has a story; and every person needs to find  meaning in their life.

Wine & Soul is fueled by the joy that I find in wine and my desire to bring that joy to you. It is also anchored in my lifelong quest for wisdom. Wine & Soul is a unique space where “wine and wisdom meet.” It is a space that recognizes the soul of the wine in you glass.

This blog is a “no pretense” zone. You don’t need to have a pedigree to love wine and I seek to make wine accessible to all.  Dedicated to my own love for wine and quest for meaning, I ask you to enjoy and let me know what you think. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s build community.


You can follow me on Twitter @CJCallen

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