The Wine & Soul Dress Rehearsal

I have read all of Shakespeare’s plays – even the disputed ones. As you can imagine, I am a fan of theatre – all that strutting and fretting on an actual stage.

On Monday, May 22, I felt on stage at Townie Bagels in the Warm Sands neighborhood of Palm Springs where I hosted a dress rehearsal for Wine & Soul. This was my first  opportunity to share more about me, connect to the community, and listen in to what wine lovers in Palm Spring want.

After my stage fright wore off, I found myself in the zone because I was surrounded by good company. I brought four wines – two I had tasted and so knew were lovely and two that I would taste along with my guest. I shared more about my Wine & Soul philosophy:

  • Wine is social and builds community;
  • Wine is a product of the earth and must respect the earth;
  • Wine and food are intricately linked; and
  • Wine should be a simple joyful experience.

The theme of the tasting was France – but with a twist. Three of the wines were from France and the fourth was from Africa by way of a French winemaker from the Northern Rhone. All were under $20 retail and 3 out of 4 could be found in local retail outlets. The lineup was a follows (* = ones I vetted before the event):

Wine #1: Champalou Vouvray Pétillant Brut, ($19.99 at Desert Wines & Spirits)*

Wine #2: Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris, 2016 ($14.99 at Whole Foods)

Wine #3   Alain Graillot Syrocco, Morocco, 2012  ($18.99 online at D and M Wine and Spirits)*

Wine #4: Domaine des Gaudets Morgon Cote du Py, 2014 ($16.99 at Whole Foods)

The process: lively conversation over tasty wine with a sprinkling of wine education.

The “results”:  The Moroccan Syrah was favored by most with the Vouvray coming in second. I was pleased by the showing of the African wine because I have a special connection to it –  I lived in Morocco for nearly a year.

For me as a budding business woman, I learned a great deal and with the help of the group began to develop ideas for future programming, including:

Desert Reds – a quest for reds that are light on their feet and do well with a slight chill

“Best of the West” – an opportunity to  share with the community my current favorite California producers.

Blind Tasting – I always love to do this because we are all so influenced by labels. When you take them out of the picture, it sparks a really interesting wine conversation. This tasting provides a perfect opportunity to talk about the ABC’s of wine tasting and what I call “mindfulness” in wine tasting.

I will end on a note of heartfelt gratitude for those who showed up to be part of my wine journey –and the story of Wine & Soul. As a business woman I will be refining my model and offering fee-based tastings, workshops, and personal consulting services in the future.

Stay tuned, fellow wine lovers and desert lovers,

In community, CJ






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