How to Shop for Wine like Eckhart Tolle

[I love technology – give me a new app anytime; however, in Wine & Soul style I believe in “balance in all things” and so knowing when to use it and when to lose it is the golden rule. This was the inspiration for this post.]

Ok, I have no idea if Eckhart Tolle even likes wine. However, I did have the distinct pleasure of meeting him at Wisdom 2.0 and found myself thinking, “what a relief- he is the real deal.”

I also work part-time in a wine shop and encounter legions of people on their smartphones who end up purchasing what is not exactly the best the shop has to offer.

What was sticking abut Eckhart Tolle and what might be instructive or even inspiring to people visiting their neighborhood wine shop, is just how present he was with the people who were sharing his environment in that moment.

It can be as simple as remembering the song form the “60’s called “Love the one you’re with.” But more aptly titled “Engage with the one who is there to help you find a wine you love.”

I know wine and I also taste what we sell; therefore, I could certainly be of service to a customer and might even trump your smart phone.

So back to channeling your inner Eckhart Tolle. I would say try this on for size: next time the kind, smart and knowledge me welcomes you and ask you to “please let me know if I can be of any assistance,” take me up on the offer.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. To me, working in wine retail is not about selling a bottle but rather building a relationship so that you return to chat about my favorite subject: wine! This could be the beginning to taking a simple act that we take for granted and to inject a little meaning into it. This is the start of making something transactional into something transformational.

Care to join me on this journey of putting more mindfulness into the wine shopping experience?

On a related note of finding more JOY in wine: My pick for wine of the week is …


Idlewild 2014 Cortese!

The home of the Cortese grape is Italy; specifically, the southeast of the Piedmont near the town of Gavi. In California, you will find it farmed on Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino – the source of the grapes for this wine. This skin-contact white wine has lovely floral aromatics with Asian spices and orange peel flavors with an alluring texture on the palate. The touch of salinity and mouthwatering acidity completes the picture. If it fits, you can make this savory wine your baby introduction to Orange Wines, aka, white wines made like red wines. It is not quite an Orange Wine mind you but it definitely is leading you towards one.

In Joy,



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2 Responses to How to Shop for Wine like Eckhart Tolle

  1. Catherine Pyke says:

    Thanks for this beautiful, thoughtful piece, CJ. Next time I buy a bottle of wine, I will think twice about it and ask for help…who knows the meaningful story one might learn along the way!

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