A Wine Blogger’s Song in 3 Parts. Part III. Wines in the Hands of Crafty Women

Shoop, shoop, shoop ♪♫

So what to do after an all-day meditation retreat on goodness/merit? Visit my favorite wine shop, Bay Grape, especially since they were hosting a special event featuring Italian winemakers – all women who make organic wine.

I believe that relationships matter and so you need to get to know your producers when you can or connect to those (like your shop owner) who have those relationships. I came to this tasting to meet the producers and taste their wines, knowing that later when I would pick up a bottle from that winemaker, the experience would be even more meaningful and delightful.

I tasted four wines by four different women winemakers that night. The wine that blew my mind was a simple red that would be perfect to pour at a picnic on a sunny day: fresh fruit aromas that leapt out of the glass and, on the palate, sour cherry, blueberries and herbs – no oak influence. So delicious we could not put it down and I can’t wait to have more, creating a sunny picnic in the midst of winter. Thank you Matilde Poggi for your skill in making the Le Fraghe Bardolino  from the indigenous Corvina and Rondinella grapes.

So if you find this wine from Lake Garda in Veneto, please give it a try – it promises to enchant. And remember, know your producer!


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2 Responses to A Wine Blogger’s Song in 3 Parts. Part III. Wines in the Hands of Crafty Women

  1. I agree that meeting and knowing the winemaker enhances the enjoyment and experience of the wine. For that reason, I like to visit small wineries in the Sierra Foothills and Clarksburg/Lodi areas, where it is not uncommon to meet the owner and/or winemaker behind the bar, pouring his or her own wines.

  2. thewineyenta says:

    Those are regions I haven’t visited yet but I volunteer to make wine for an urban winery that sources grapes from the Sierras. I must visit some day. Thanks for reading my post!

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