When Wine Goes …Weird.

For me, wine is a journey; quite the adventure in which you just never know. This brings me to a recent mind-blowing tasting in which I couldn’t tell what to make of the orange tinted concoction in my glass called Stevenjan (the Slovenian name for the village in Collio that is the home to Radikon and Gravner, and the epicenter of skin-fermented white winemaking) made by the Scholium project.

How would I describe it?

Would I say I liked it?

The words my husband used to attempt to give this wine shape and form seemed incongruent: waxed candy lips, mandarin orange, watermelon, cinnamon or allspice and warm wet stones.


He reached the conclusion that is was not for him. On the other hand, I wasn’t quite sure as each taste kept me intrigued because the wine was just


Now I am a weirdo and a lover of other weirdoes and so maybe that came into play here. I was starting to like it though not as much as that skin-fermented Pinot Gris (aka, Orange wine) by Donkey & Goat Winery. The depth of flavor was intriguing and kept me coming back but would I buy it again?  Ask me again tomorrow.

Have you ever had a wine that confounded you?

Please do share your own stories of wines that baffle!










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