In Defense of the Maligned: Announcing Wine & Soul on the Road!

As some of you know, one of the topics I blog about is the “maligned” in wine. Sometimes it takes the form of a grape like Merlot (thanks to the film Sideways) or Gamay. Other times it takes the form of a region as when a person recently proclaimed to me that they have only had bad wine from Portugal or all the folks who scream bloody murder when Australian wine is mentioned because of Yellowtail.

I don’t believe it, and not just because I am a starry-eyed optimist but because it simply cannot be true. Above all, it’s patently unfair to dismiss a whole variety or region because of your limited, narrow experience with it.

Announcing Wine & Soul on the Road! It’s about redemption! It’s about the maligned! It’s about justice!

All of my visits to wine country to date have been in California. Yikes! Though I talked and talked about visiting the Loire Valley, when in France I found myself usually in Paris. Time to make amends but I am going to visit regions that often get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Portugal here I come! I attended a wine tasting and Luis Pato was in attendance, pouring his good wines, including the sparking wine made from the Baga grape that is a surefire hit with the local specialty of roast suckling pig. I cannot wait to see what Portugal has to offer but before then will be doing research and taking recommendations from you all as to where I should go.

Australia, here I come!  I have been dreaming of attending one of the cool climate wine shows and now need to do it for a cause because I hear crack after crack about how Australian wine deserves no respect. So where to go? I heard about this cool climate wine show in a place called Murrumbateman and another one in a place called Bathurst.  But what do I know?

That’s where you come in. What do you think? Please be my wine guide!

I plan to give the wines of Australia all its due respect and so much more. I plan to tell the truth of what’s good, bad and downright ugly. I plan to meet the people and stand on the land that makes their wines possible.

Staying on this mission won’t be easy – the Loire Valley beckons. especially after last night when I tasted this wonderful Loire Valley (Anjou) Pétillant Naturel (aka, “pet nat” from Agnès et René Mosse. Sinfully delicious apples skin, ripe pear, minerals with a touch of a quality in wine that makes my heart swoon: roses.But when you’re on a wine mission, you’re on a wine mission. It will take some magic to make this happen but I am a firm believer in all things magical.


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