“I always say every wine has a story. What’s this one’s?”

Found myself in the enviable position of attending a wine tasting with a focus on grower-producer Champagnes by a wine importer/distributor. I eased into it in my Wine & Soul way trying to find out more about the people behind the wine. Me: “I always say every wine has a story. What’s this one’s?”  My inquiry was clearly not the norm. The gentleman pouring the wine looked at me funny and then handed me an article about the produce rand their method for making Champagne. I was thankful for the story in writing but would have preferred a conversation.

Some attendees were rather pushy. I guess I was caught by surprise by that. Little naïve me. At one point I wanted to stand up and say:

 Attention everyone, this is Wine & Soul speaking here and we need to slow  down, pay attention and be mindful, ok.? I think you might enjoy the tasting more. I’m just saying.   You’ll thank me later.

That was not to happen. I did not have the courage to make a scene.

Despite the hectic pace and the absence of story, I found joy in the experience. I also discovered my true  grit because  this kind of taking was hard. I know that you won’t be playing a violin for me and I don’t expect you to but please hear me out.

There were 138 wines to be tasted and the tasting ran two hours. Now you see what I am saying. Even with the tidbits of food, my palate suffered from some serious fatigue and I tasted only a fraction of what was offered.

The good, the bad and the ugly of it all led to a most marvelous discovery: Portuguese Sparking Wine! I love Champagne but it is pricey and not the only sparkling wine in town. I told you before about two of my new not-the-usual- suspect sparking friends: the cava aged for five years and the bone-dry Sicilian.

Now I want to say, psst, if you find yourself near some Espumante Gran Reserva Bruto Natural by Quinta das Bageiras (Bairrada) — grab it. Actually, try anything by this producer.

‘Nuff said.

What’s your latest discovery/surprise in wine?


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