Week 12 of 52. Everyday Pinot? Much Ado about Rickshaw Wines.


Today was a Rickshaw Pinot day. I bought it for dinner and then realized that it was a new vintage – the 2013. I liked the 2012 and liked the 2013 but just a little less – seemed more fruit forward in its style.

So what’s to like? Pinot at $15 that is good is a good (and rare) thing. I enjoyed it and was close to calling an impromptu party so that I could have more. Infinitely drinkable. The grapes are sourced from different parts of the California Coast. Which parts? Well, they did not specify and I would love to know where exactly and in what proportions (hint, hint).

Listen to your winemaker’s motto and then see if their rhetoric matches the reality. Rickshaw wine’s mission is “the relentless pursuit of wines of elegance, purity, and sophistication at prices that rarely reflect these characteristics. “

Ok, Rickshaw you got my attention and now you only have to live up to your words. I would say that in general you have and that is a very, very good thing for the wine drinker who wants to enjoy something fun and fruity (but with earth undertones that = balance). This is definitely wine for drinking in that “ordinaire” way. Thank you for honoring your mission and that great gift of nature touched by human artistry: wine. Thank you also for the 5% give back program, which makes this philanthropy wonk’s heart sing.

PS- Thank you for your other label. I do love Banshee Pinot and the price point is pretty nice to boot.

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