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Everything. Wine tastes better when you are in the company of new or old friends. Sounds hokey but it’s true because tasting wine is more than an act, it is an experience. Last Saturday I attended a Bordeaux tasting at … Continue reading

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Week 13 of 52. Minding What’s in Your Glass

So this blog is called “Wine & Soul” but I rarely spend much time pondering the “soul” elements. Make no mistake though; they are very important inspirations for this blog. For me the “soul” part conjures up the spirit that … Continue reading

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Week 12 of 52. Everyday Pinot? Much Ado about Rickshaw Wines.

Today was a Rickshaw Pinot day. I bought it for dinner and then realized that it was a new vintage – the 2013. I liked the 2012 and liked the 2013 but just a little less – seemed more fruit … Continue reading

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Week 11 of 52. In Wine, Relationships Matter

Our relationships in wine matter –  whether they are with winemakers, shop owners or our friendly bartender. But the heart of this relationship is our relationship to wine itself.  Wine is there for us in good times and bad and … Continue reading

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