Discovering Greek Wines in the Desert


Many people discover Greek wine on a island off the coast of Greece. Certainly easier to find there than in your local wine shop. Whenever I have had Greek wine, it is usually while dining at a Greek Restaurant – not a bad thing.  So only a particularly balmy night in Palm Springs was in the quest for good food (warning: there is a lot of bad food in PS) and wine. I found it at Greek Islands Restaurant in downtown PS – a restaurant so good we ate there twice!. On dining experience 2, I  had two reds – a lighter style of tighter fare and the heavy one for the red meet dishes. So the first wine was the Saint George  made from the “Saint George grape” – Agiorgitiko. Soft fruit like the wines from Burgundy – Pinot or Gamay like, if you will indulge me in making such comparisons. Then I had the Naoussa for my lamb – the big wine that some liken to Cabernet Sauvignon. Both were delicious and rocked with the food. Upon returning to San Francisco, I found myself at Bi-Rite market and they had a Naoussa, which I paired with a Five Dot ribeye with much success. So what can I say: next time, Go Greek! And a resource for you

Please tell me what you experience!

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